Letting Go

Every fear I have can be thrown in the ocean. Pulled against their will stretching and strangling from my brain out through my ear. Wadded up all sticky and melted. Squeezed out ’til dry and wilted. Crumbling little by little so they can never fully reform and tossed with the wind for the tide toContinue reading “Letting Go”


I recently created the mini series “Underwater.” This series spins off of a piece from “The Conception and Sensation of Time“- Don’t Drift Away. I created 2 more pieces to go with this piece- Fish and Coral. The coral is the stronghold- a living being who knows its place in the world and holds onto it. The fish isContinue reading “Underwater”

e-mail from The Red Sable

Here’s some more information about Je ne regrette rien, which goes up this Saturday. It’s a one day only event, so be sure to check it out! Live in Jacksonville? Would you like to participate? There still may be space available. Contact Melissa- details below. No Regret Art Show A special Thank you to: DOSContinue reading “e-mail from The Red Sable”