Have a Hand

Images of a wooden articulated hand. Images of body awareness.

A Piece of Me

Almost every image I make is a self portrait. Those tiny bits of plastic become me. They represent my strongly felt emotions, my experiences. And through this I attach myself so fully to their image.


A clearer picture of life ahead. A New Door

Glass Head

I've started photographing this green tinted glass head. I only have a vague idea of the images I mean to make with it, so it's all very experimental at the moment. Hopefully by the time this posts I'll have even more images made! Also see - From Nature, My Green Period Posts that feel applicable... Continue Reading →

You Can Now Buy My Art Online!

I've finally made it so much easier for you to get some of my art. As a print, poster, mug, even shower curtain. No more having to reach out to me to ask if things are actually for sale, or finding me at a local art show (although both those methods are still totally acceptable).... Continue Reading →

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