A Foggy Path

It all started with the word ‘humid.’ In Florida it’s always humid. Go outside with your camera and the lens immediately fogs up. If you want a non-fog filled image quickly you have to wipe the condensation from your lens and hope for the best. Otherwise you wait up to 30 minutes or more until... Continue Reading →


Colorful Fog 4/4 metal DnD creature, sand


Colorful Fog 3/4 metal DnD creature, sand, dyed moss


Colorful Fog 2/4 metal DnD creature, sand, dyed moss


Colorful Fog 1/4 HO scale figure, metal DnD creature, sand, dyed moss, plastic cactus



A $2.00 bag of Revolutionary war board game figures from the flea market equal foggy war images in the manner of my Survival series.

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