Le Petit Prince in Toy Photographs

I recently attended the first ever virtual Toy Photographer's Meet up. 3 days of presenters, discussions and activities with other photographers from all over the world, who use toys for their narratives. For one project, teams worked on images collaboratively for an assigned theme. I was teamed up with Teddi Deppner (@teddi_toyworld) and Matthew Wyjad... Continue Reading →


Photos can be magic in so many ways. Personally I find lens flare and bokeh so magical. Add to that fog or airy light... Now that I set you up for that, I decided to take this meaning quite literal instead...sorry. So here are some potions and a deer of light. For the Weekly Photo... Continue Reading →

So close

to finishing my senior project and the book that goes along with it. Just 2 more images and The Conception and Sensation of time will come to an end (although I'm sure I will come back to exploring my dreams with miniature tableaux photography at a later date).

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