Pre-Columbian Figure of Gold

The Assignment Adam Ford left this comment on my recent post - That “Oldest Action Figure” Picture You Keep Seeing. We exchanged emails and I was led on the fun journey you'll see uncovered below. Adam's images he shared with me - Research Begins I sesarched the name of the museum, Musee de Quai Branley, and... Continue Reading → | This Blog in Summary

A bit of a blog summary for all my new visitors.

The History and Psychology of Toys

The Place of Play We begin to play as soon as we're born, moving our arms and legs, discovering the new world we've come into. Eventually toys get added to play. Whether store bought, or found sticks, objects become representative of the world around us, and we learn through our play with them. While not... Continue Reading →

A Timeline of the History of Miniatures: From Ritual and Religious Object to Plaything and Collectible

A re-look at a past post, miniatures since the beginning of time.

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