2014, A Look Back

Note - I'm pretty sure my Woodland images were actually made in 2012, but uploaded to this blog in 2014. I'm apparently bad at dating my own work 🤷‍♀️ A catalog of the year. In having to delete lots of old posts recently, I thought it'd be apt to have a record of the pieces... Continue Reading →

Knowing What your Work Means and Why you Made It

I often see people saying things like "I don't know why I made this" or "I'll leave the interpretation up to you." And while everyone will interpretation your work differently as they've come with their own background and experiences, if you aim to grow as an artist, you have to be aware of why you're... Continue Reading →

Saving Ideas

Google image search 'idea journaling' and you get beautiful pages full of neat handwriting, perfect sketches, scrapbook paper and washi tape. I keep an idea journal. Mine is not beautiful. My journal (or should I say journals, because I constantly start new ones before old ones are full) is messy - scrawled script, scribbled pictures... Continue Reading →


The Woodland project is well on its way. I've been ready to shoot it for quite some time now, I've just been waiting for the day when free time and nice weather happen to coincide. According to the weather report, it seems like this Saturday morning, the 22nd will be my day. After it's shot... Continue Reading →

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