Pink & Green

Playing with pink and green and slightly absurd settings. Wolfgang, my cat, clumsily jumped up onto this dollhouse in the middle of the night, causing me and my husband to wake up. He's been doing this almost nightly for a week, which led to a middle of the night, half asleep, thought of these images... Continue Reading →

A New Door Continues

An ongoing series as I find ways to explore nature with this green figure by my side (or rather, in my posket). A New DoorOutlookMy Green PeriodGlass HeadGlass + Nature cont.From NatureSchenectady Central Park Rose GardenReturn to Central Park Rose Garden

From Nature

"Several times per heartbeat, over and over from birth to death, we each separate the specific from the general, the figure from the ground, and decide which shape is the mushroom (or the field mouse or the lost contact lens) and which is not. We fit together the pieces that we can, and set aside... Continue Reading →

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