The Toy World is Going Sustainable

Our World and Plastic “If current trends in plastic production and waste management continue, the plastic debris housed in landfills and natural environments — currently 4.9 billion metric tons — will more than double by 2050” – PBS News Hour Much of the plastic we use in our daily lives is not degradable and thereforeContinue reading “The Toy World is Going Sustainable”

Can I use trademarked toys in my photos?

As I’ve read posts and comments around the web in regards to toy photography, I’ve come across the same set of questions multiple times. So, I’ve decided to do my best to answer those questions from time to time here. First up, trademark. Some of these will be applicable to photographers of all genres, butContinue reading “Can I use trademarked toys in my photos?”

Anakin and K-2SO

It’s the 40th anniversary of Star Wars and to celebrate, last week Exclu shared Star Wars content across their platforms. I was lucky enough to have 5 new images up on their blog Friday, May 26. Check it out to see all the images and learn more about them. Unexpectedly, young Anakin and K-2SO haveContinue reading “Anakin and K-2SO”