As I Lay Dying

When I was in high school (11th grade I believe) I read ‘As I Lay Dying’ by William Faulkner. As I remember it, we had a list of projects we could choose from to complete based on the book. Whatever I chose was something about illustrating different chapters.

Now keep in mind, I didn’t start doing anything with photography until 11th grade. Even then I had no real focus, I was adamant about being a film/ dark room photographer and I think I preferred landscapes. It wasn’t until sophomore/junior year of college that I learned to love digital and began to use miniatures in my work…yet, 4 years prior, for an English project, somehow, all I managed to create were set-up miniature scenes. Not good ones, mind you, but set-up miniature scenes all the same.

Without further ado, I give you my 1st ever miniature photography series (a set from 6 years ago).

Working Would be Great if it Weren’t for Managers

Because I have changed the layout of my website so drastically, I am converting some of my previous pages into posts so that they can still be viewed with ease. Here’s the first of these conversions.



My work created for the publication and promotion of the book Working Would be Great if it Weren’t for Managers: Thoughts on Business, Life, and Slackers by Gary W. Wells.

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