Working Vintage Toy Ovens

My third (technically 4th) in the series of mini cooking and today I'll be talking about vintage toy stoves for kids. Definitely not safe for operation by children, but that's why you can totally use them for real mini cooking today. These are a bit larger than the current mini cooking fad, but because of... Continue Reading →

Alternative Mini Cooking Options

So you've been following along with all the mini cooking hysteria, but you'd prefer something that involves a little less, (and planning)? Well you got it. This post is for you! (don't know what I'm talking about as far as mini cooking goes? - go here first) See also:  Working Vintage Toy Ovens The Edible... Continue Reading →

Working Miniature Kitchens

The shopping links below may not be active, visit Huss' webpage for all of their current cookers . This post was last updated 11/21/16. See also: Real Mini Food for Mini Cooking Alternative Mini Cooking Options Working Miniature Tools Working Vintage Toy Ovens Making Miniature Pottery If you're on Facebook, Youtube, the internet in... Continue Reading →

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