Monochrome | Polychrome – An Emotive take on Toy Photography

Tourmaline . Miniatures serve as iconographic objects. Not real people, places or things, but simplistic versions of such. This allows for abstracted views of reality. The perfect medium for creating visual representations of memories and emotions – abstractions of reality within themselves. Tourmaline . creates emotive imagery by transforming miniature tableaus through her camera lens.... Continue Reading →

Photo Focus: The Effectiveness of Blur in Toy Photography

I recently picked up 'Why It Does Not Have to be in Focus: Modern Photography Explained" by Jackie Higgens, on recommendation from a toy photo friend. Within it's pages, Higgins offers short conclusions on the photographic genres - portraits, document, still life, narrative, landscape and abstract, followed by numerous examples. This allows the book to... Continue Reading →

The Ugly Cupcake Muffinry & Cafe

I have some photos on display! While I've shown my work previously, this is the first time I've had them in a cafe and I'm excited to see how it goes. The Ugly Cupcake in Jacksonville Beach, FL has 5 photos from my Monochrome series up, as well as pieces from numerous other local artists.... Continue Reading →

D.C. in Miniature

  Back in December I visited Washington D.C. for the first time ever. The weather was dreary, but I was determined to get some #bigstufflittlestuff images while there, a continuation of my Italy Souvenirs series if you will where I took images of mini monuments in front of their full scale counterparts, the souvenir remaining... Continue Reading →

The Numerous Wonders of a Tiny Building

There's a toy store at our local flea market. It holds a collection of opened and sealed toys, new and old, plaything and collectible. My fiance (oh yeah, I'm engaged now!) collects action figures from time to time, I photograph toys and miniatures, so between the two of us we've bought a good bit of... Continue Reading →

6 Ways to Make Money in Toy Photography

How do I make money in toy photography? There are actually quite a few ways to do this, however no path is a sure or easy bet. And in all honesty, making money from toy photography is not much different to how you can make money from photography in general.

Shop my Survival Series and More!

My 5 part series of HO scale and board game war miniatures was a part of the BadAss miniatures show, and it was such an honor, as the quality of miniature work in that show was spectacular.
I tell you all this today, because some of that art, including mine, is available for sale!

Kaleidoscope House

The goal of this dolls' house, that then became a subject of numerous photographs was to modernize dollhouses. This was something that hadn't apparently been done much at the time. To top it all off, you could purchase an art collection for your mini home, complete with little prints from Laurie Simmons herself and her art friends, such as, Cindy Sherman, and Barbara Kruger.

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