I'm seeing a sleep specialist today, so here's a throwback to my sleep centric Monochrome images from 2018. Monochrome 39Monochrome 34Monochrome 31Monochrome 29Monochrome 24

White Glowing Doorways

I often find repeating themes in my work, so I'm going to highlight a few over the next few days or so, depending on how many I identify. 2014 2020

Shooting Monochrome

Mono-chrome, one-color. Shooting in Monochrome can mean you've taken a black and white image - all shades of grey, or a vintage looking image with all sepia tones. But it could also mean you've taken an image with all shades of any other color. This image is still all grey, but shot in color. Monochrome... Continue Reading →

The Start of Something

Planning and playing, a new series in the works.

Monochrome | Polychrome the book is here!

I published an art book of my Monochrome | Polychrome series! A book filled with miniature diorama photography, but it's so much more than that. A self portrait, a found identity, a tailored self. This book is the culmination of over a years worth of photos, planning, painting and soul searching, presented here as my... Continue Reading →

Making it Grey

I'd like to think while the Headlights images allow the viewer to imagine what's happening in the pictured figure's life, the Monochrome images allow the viewer to relate and insert their own experiences into the life of the pictured figure. So, desaturated narratives. Maybe that's my niche.What's yours?

At My Grandparent’s House

A few weeks ago my grandparent's moved into assisted living. I met my parents at their house and we began to get it ready to be put on the market. In some downtime, right before we left, I took some quick phone shots of various miniatures around the house. Here are a few.


For Cee's Black and White Photo Challenge... I actually originally shot this one as part of my Headlights series - intending it to be black and white. Since, I've come to prefer the color one though. If you want to learn how I made these HO scale traffic signals, go here. On the opposite side... Continue Reading →

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