Real Mini Food for Mini Cooking

I got a comment on one of my mini cooking posts recently on where to get the food necessary for doing your own mini cooking. Once I also discovered a similar question in my blog searches a few times I thought it was time to do a formal post on the matter.

Behind the Scenes of Worry Dolls

Next month I'll share more of these images. For now, I'd like to outline the process of creating them. TL;DR version: I used Lumi Inkodye and a halogen work light to print portraits of Worry Dolls on watercolor paper. Then I hand colored them. Skip to: Taking the Photographs - Printing the Digital Negatives - Prepping the... Continue Reading →

Slickforce Softlight

About a month and a half ago slickforce graciously sent me this mini soft light. And I finally have gotten the chance to try it out and review it.  I'm always looking for new small scale lighting options, so I jumped at the chance to try out this light.  This light, at full height, stands... Continue Reading →

Working Miniature Tools

The next stop in mini madness - working mini tools. At this point you've all seen the real mini cooking videos. But, have you seen the mini wood working ones? Check out this playlist by eHow: Learn a little bit about the supplies they used here, or simply scroll down for my research and suggestions... Continue Reading →

Monachopis – Behind the Scenes

Monachopis, as you'll be familiar by now, is my newest series. It consists of 65 images in total. I completed it throughout January, February and March. While You got a hint of the items used to create this series through various blog posts here, I now present a final behind the scenes look. Set Design I... Continue Reading →

10 Reasons Why Miniatures are Fascinating

Throughout the course of 5 blog posts in a series called 'Why Miniatures?', I've explored various books, articles and films to discover just why miniatures are so fascinating. Today I present those findings to you in a conclusion to 'Why Miniautres?' 1 – Toys allow for a comparison between fantasy and reality 2 – Toys... Continue Reading →

Simple Weathering with Enamel Paints

**Please note, the weathering effect discussed in this post should be used with metal and hard plastic models only. Enamel paint can dissolve soft plastics. However, for softer plastic, apply the effects below, but use acrylic/ water based paint instead. A great resource for acrylic techniques is this site - There are many techniques when... Continue Reading →

How to Dye your own Mini Easter Eggs

Squintbox recently shared this enchanting video: And in the comments are tons of questions on how/where to get the supplies to do this yourself. In the March Squintbox selection there were 3 tiny eggs. I then imagine, squintbox dyed those eggs in this video with real egg dye. So here's just how to do that... Continue Reading →

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