St. Augustine Alligator Farm

Neither me or Eric had ever been to the Alligator Farm before. We spend time in St. Augustine often enough, as it's about 45 minutes from where we live, but the Alligator Farm just hadn't made it on the to-do list since it's nestled beyond the Bridge of Lions. My mom gave us a BOGO... Continue Reading →

You can learn a lot of things from the flowers.

I got to sneak away for just a little bit, right before sunset, this past Wednesday, and visit my cherished Central Park Rose Garden in Schenectady, NY. I went for the first time last June, and wasn't sure what a Fall garden would bring. I was pleasantly surprised by the blooms. Can you spot the... Continue Reading →

Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

Eric and I went to the zoo yesterday and for the first time ever I came prepared with my DSLR and zoom lens.

A New Door Continues

An ongoing series as I find ways to explore nature with this green figure by my side (or rather, in my posket). A New DoorOutlookMy Green PeriodGlass HeadGlass + Nature cont.From NatureSchenectady Central Park Rose GardenReturn to Central Park Rose Garden

Return to Central Park Rose Garden

A second week in Schenectady, 3 weeks later, and a second trip to the Schenectady Central Park Rose Garden. And I'm so glad I went back! So. Many. Roses! Schenectady Central Park Rose Garden


A clearer picture of life ahead. A New Door

Schenectady Central Park Rose Garden

Spent a bit of the afternoon Monday, after getting equipment set up for work, exploring the Central Park Rose Garden in Schenectady, NY. It was cold and drizzly but the Garden is very beautiful.

A New Door

This series is still in progress. The images and words will likely change. Find the continually updated series here. ___ I am real. I am of the earth. I am grounded and ethereal. I am solid and porous. Formed from the earth and back to the earth you'll go. In nature you survive and survive... Continue Reading →

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