PhotoJax 2014

Photojax2014 will take place January 23rd -25th, 2014! The date has just been announced. In the meantime, take time to peruse the 2013 PhotoJax500 project. Just click the image below.  

My PhotoJax 2013 in Review

To see more images of the festivities: 904 Happy Hour Most Wanted Photography Instagram tags: PhotoJax500 CoRK PhotoJax Somewhere in the City I hear tale of a couple articles coming out about this weekend's turn out soon. Stay tuned.


Submitted 4 more images to #PhotoJax500 today. You might be familiar with a few of them. "The 3rd set, “PS #4″ was taken one morning at Public School #4 here in Jacksonville. For these I focused very much on the beauty of natural light in this down-trodden environment."


#PhotoJax500 in review: If you haven't seen them yet, here are the images I've submitted so far to the #PhotoJax500 project. Thought I'd share them here so they're easier to page through. The 1st set, "Mushrooms," was done with shitaki mushrooms, 8 ounces of black glitter and a holographic foam board, and 2 table top... Continue Reading →

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