That's very much a working title. I have no idea how I'll end up framing this piece. All I know is I took too long to finally get to work on it after I envisioned it, but it still came out just like I wanted it to. I have an idea for a follow up... Continue Reading →


a 1960s Louis Marx tin dollhouse, Damtoys Pocket Elite Hard Candy Man, Extreme Sets couch, and some lights

Going Up and Sitting On, Stairways

Post 2 in continuing to explore the repeating themes in my work. See the first post here. I swear I thought I had done this one even more so, but I think in part I had one more planned that never panned out. I'm sure I'll continue to return to stairs regardless. 2016 2018 Monochrome... Continue Reading →

On the Brain

Some new images and a video showing how I made the brain model within those images using Polydoh moldable plastic. Series: MRI

Geometric Abstraction

More plays with abstraction , pulling back, geometry, orbs, and in camera contrast. Look closely to find the figure.

Pink & Green

Playing with pink and green and slightly absurd settings. Wolfgang, my cat, clumsily jumped up onto this dollhouse in the middle of the night, causing me and my husband to wake up. He's been doing this almost nightly for a week, which led to a middle of the night, half asleep, thought of these images... Continue Reading →

You Are Full of Galaxies

Galaxies surround and envelop, bursting from you.

The Start of Something

Planning and playing, a new series in the works.

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