A New Door

This series is still in progress. The images and words will likely change. Find the continually updated series here. ___ I am real. I am of the earth. I am grounded and ethereal. I am solid and porous. Formed from the earth and back to the earth you'll go. In nature you survive and survive... Continue Reading →

My Poetry, 2015

I wrote a lot of poems in 2015. By no means am I a poet. It is not something I pursue, but something consumed me during this time. I soon after began a collaborative art zine that I ran for 2 years. But for today, here are those poems and the images I paired with... Continue Reading →

Creating a Collaborative Art Zine

A how to guide and cautionary tale... As many of you know, back in June of 2015 I created fēlan. I had been absorbing modern day zine culture for some time. Collecting, submitting to, following along with We Make Zines and Zines A Go Go, etc. I decided I wanted to make my own as a... Continue Reading →


it's no longer waves it's tsunamis completely engulfed the only choice is to endure it thrashing gasping suffocating it seeps within and then I start to overflow [A sister poem/ follow up of sorts to Downpour.] [Experimenting with some new challenges today - posting to, Miniature Writing Challenge #46: four elements of nature ( water, fire,... Continue Reading →


Used to the ebb and the flow of the waves of the waters of the anxiety riddled nights and depressing days this flood was unexpected   [For a Pic and a Word Challenge: Rain]


"Some men just want to watch the world burn." Another for the Pic and a Word Challenge. The underbrush sustained them as they make their way through. Quickly. Cleanly. But not so quietly. Growing deeper, longer, as they suck in the life below. Stretching out as high as they can and grasping, sucking away the... Continue Reading →


For a Pic and a Word Challenge #22: Rust. Sometimes I feel like ripping off my entire face but then in a moment an instance I realize that I have all the time in the world stretched out in front of me to make my life what it needs to be what I need it... Continue Reading →

Paths Uncharted

The mysteries in life give me hope there's more to it. More ways to connect. More emotions to feel. More beauty to see. But with the good comes the bad, fear, hurt, loss of self. And yet, all those things are already here getting stronger by day. So persist they may and I will stay... Continue Reading →

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