Miniatures and the Uncanny Valley

"Miniatures get a bad rap, in part because of the uncanny valley, a term typically used to describe the hair-raising feeling we get when robots are just a little too lifelike. Similarly, the miniature’s ability to reflect and, simultaneously, distort our reality can give us the creeps. That aversion has only been exacerbated by the repeat... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Master of your Field

Fstoppers, a popular photography website, released a 2 part blog series this past July entitled "How Long Will It Take You to Master Photography?" While they did address this opinion in their part 2 post (linked above), I'm here to firmly say that you will never master photography, and you shouldn't want to. Become an... Continue Reading →

My PhotoJax 2014 in Review

I had a great PhotoJax weekend! Local Exposure was super packed with so many people and I had quite a lot of friends come out and support. CoRK was great as always- it's constantly changing and it's always interesting to see the new artists and their studios. Here are a few pictures from the weekend:... Continue Reading →

My PhotoJax 2013 in Review

To see more images of the festivities: 904 Happy Hour Most Wanted Photography Instagram tags: PhotoJax500 CoRK PhotoJax Somewhere in the City I hear tale of a couple articles coming out about this weekend's turn out soon. Stay tuned.

Stress Artist Statement

In August, my History of Psychology Professor, Brian Higley, e-mailed the class a link to a clip from the documentary “Stress, Portrait of a Killer.” I watched it. Then I watched the next clip and the next until I had roughly watched the entire hour long documentary. In the documentary, neuroscientist, Robert Sapolsky discusses the... Continue Reading →

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