Losing yourself, finding yourself, reaching out, a journey. Finding new ways to visually represent these pieces of self.

The Golden Hour

When we came in and sat on the couch, there was a ray of light perfectly illuminating an area of the already golden blanket.

The Weight of Health

A recent photo shoot. I'd been thinking about creating the first one for some time, and finally set aside the time and space. The next two came as I worked.

The Artist Statement

I got a question recently on how I've become comfortable opening myself up in artist statements. I don't fully open myself up.

Henk Tas, “the grandmaster of staged photography”

Henk Tas creates his work, surrounding himself with items from his childhood, focusing on rock & roll, pop music and blues.

Full Circle

If you had to weave a story from these images, what would you say? Include the skeletons, the branches, the moons, the animals, the colors. And just what is she holding in the first picture? Striking a DealTrick or Treat?OfferingMake a ChoiceThe JourneyEnlightenment

Leaves – Behind the Scenes

In case you missed it in my Oct. 17 - 23 weekly recap, here's a little behind the scenes on one of my Halloween Challenge images. For this image, I had planned to use these glittery ornately cut leaves I had seen at the dollar store and hadn't purchased, so i kept putting off this... Continue Reading →

Sam’s Story

A little NECA Sam action figure (from the movie Trick 'r Treat) and his story with a grey house. From 2020 til now. I'm certain more will unfold.

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