A Favorite Photograph

Looking at the trends of the Lenscratch Favorite Photograph Exhibition and forming a new call for a yearly toy photography exhibition.

My Favorite Photos of 2021

I sent in a photo this year to Lenscratch's Favorite Photos exhibition. I chose a recent image I'd made, which tends to be how my favorites go .

Clinging to Childhood

A representation of clinging to childhood. A figure reaches up to an oversize horse. A hand reaches down to grab the horse and take it away.

Octopus as Strength

The leaves below her feet part for her. There's a galaxy in the Octopus's eye, a symbol of what's to come, what will open up.

How I Compose a Photo

Here's a complete walk-through of how I composed this single photo, which may give you some insight into my process overall.


A symbolic sci fi, 2015 short story I wrote


it's no longer waves it's tsunamis completely engulfed the only choice is to endure it thrashing gasping suffocating it seeps within and then I start to overflow [A sister poem/ follow up of sorts to Downpour.] [Experimenting with some new challenges today - posting to, Miniature Writing Challenge #46: four elements of nature ( water, fire,... Continue Reading →

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