Tiniest Thanksgiving Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope you enjoy this teensy tiny dinner I cooked up for you.

My Autumn


Roberta left a comment on one of my posts during this past Writing 101 and I’m finally getting the chance to answer! Thanks for the prompt.

Ah Autumn. I am madly in love. I look forward to this time of year obsessively. With Florida, it’s fairly well known that there are no seasons – or at least not a huge change from one to another. We have summer all year long with a couple months of Fall. I used to live further south in Florida, so at least with Jacksonville, leaves die and fall with a tiny bit of color change in between. I have to admit I miss the Autumn of the Midwest which was a true lead in to Winter.

In any case, being someone who hates the heat, I love that the weather starts to cool down and we get a tad bit of breeze. I finally get a chance to take breaks from work by taking a walk around the campus. I feel like I can finally think clearly when the suffocating heat dissipates.


October marks candy, Halloween stuff in all the stores, the chance to buy creepy miniatures and create darker photo series. It also aids in outdoor macro photography as I have more of a will to explore the outdoors. Pumpkin and corn fields open their metaphoric doors, haunted houses open and we do our best to enjoy all the festivities we can.

Halloween: Ghosts
Halloween: Ghosts


November marks the Greater Jacksonville Fair – actually having to wear a coat, eating junk food, and riding rickety rides. Then there’s also Thanksgiving – time off work, great food, and typically great company.

Carve the Turkey
Carve the Turkey

That said, when I saw the leaf (in the featured image) in the parking lot a couple of weeks ago, I thought back to this comment from Roberta – tire tread marked leaves on the rain-covered asphalt, that’s the Fall I see.


So what does your Autumn look like?