I normally don't post more than 1 or 2 times a day, but I finally realized I have something for the Discover Challenge: Numbers. So I'm sliding in a contribution before the new theme is announced. For more underwater scenes, see my previous post 'Fish.' Do you often take number images?

Photography 101: Triumph

Congratulations to each and every one of you who made it through Photography 101. I for one, have really enjoyed the challenge, and now know, that when put to the test I can make a photo a day. For those of you who didn't participate in Photography 101, thank you for following along!

Photography 101: Edge/ Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

Posting to: Photography 101:Edge & Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular I wanted the feel of standing on the edge of the building, on the roof, ready to let go, but I didn't want to fully picture a moment with the potential to be so graphic. I wanted a metaphor, not a trigger. So I drew a box - 2.5"... Continue Reading →

Photography 101: Treasure

I've taken this one a bit literally today. I just had to though. I re-discovered this treasure chest in my box of miniatures last week and actually posted a picture of it to my instagram. I set it up a bit better for this shot thought, adding glitter and polymer clay pieces of gold. Click... Continue Reading →

Photography 101: Landscape

I had every intention to do this one yesterday, but by the time I got home, I wasn't feeling well at all. So, I granted myself a pass. Click here to join in.  

Photography 101: Architecture

There's a new neighborhood being built just down the street from where I live. We drive past daily and see the progress they've made. Yesterday, there were 3 construction workers on the very top of one of the houses that was still just wood frame. The sun was behind them and it created such an... Continue Reading →

Photography 101: Connect

So this may be cheating a bit. Today I'm not posting a photo, rather a simple graphic I made in Photoshop, illustrating a quote about being disconnected (the opposite of today's theme). "The silence depressed me. It wasn't the silence of silence. It was my own silence. I knew perfectly well the cars were making... Continue Reading →

Photography 101: Solitude

Took these photos today at the UNF campus (where I work). Yes, I brought a little figure with me to work...Then I made them into a gif (my first photoshop gif I might add). These Photo 101 themes seem to all be ones that I use quite often in my work. Lucky for me I... Continue Reading →

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