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I normally don't post more than 1 or 2 times a day, but I finally realized I have something for the Discover Challenge: Numbers. So I'm sliding in a contribution before the new theme is announced. For more underwater scenes, see my previous post 'Fish.' Do you often take number images?


For Cee's Fun Foto Challenge - Things that are Wet.    

In the Depths – Part 2

Images inspired by the stories Confessions of a Deep Sea Diver by reddit user PizzND. To read the stories for yourself: Confessions of a Deep Sea Diver Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 "We all know the dangers, we've all seen the Keepers of the Deep. But nobody actually expects to die." Click here to view the... Continue Reading →

Underwater Stairs

Underwater Stairs Combining the imagery of searchandrescuewoods, thestygiandepths and PizzND (more info on that last one later).

In the Depths – Part 1

Images inspired by the story Please Avoid Open Water by reddit user thestygiandepths. To read the story for yourself: Please Avoid Open Water "Always one at a time, always a different shape. And they were always completely alone." For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

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