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Special Effects in Miniature & Toy Photography

  Today, I'm going to discuss miniature photography special effects. The effects below are ones done in front of the camera lens, not in post processing. I may do a follow up post with more effects and/or info on post processing options, so if you'd like to see anything in that regard, leave a comment... Continue Reading →


I normally don't post more than 1 or 2 times a day, but I finally realized I have something for the Discover Challenge: Numbers. So I'm sliding in a contribution before the new theme is announced. For more underwater scenes, see my previous post 'Fish.' Do you often take number images?


I love water and underwater scenes. I need to do more soon for sure. For now, here's my response to the Daily Post: Fish. If you'd like, please share your water images to my Weekly Weather challenge. This week the topic is flood.

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