His Name was Depression – by Jennifer Nichole Wells

Thank you for sharing this! Happy to be a part of this collective of bloggers. I hope to contribute more soon.

Letters to the Mind

At night he crept
and only at night
he moved in the shadows
in the dreams of the young

You could never see him straight away,
but you knew he was there.
He was a force that was felt in every fiber of your being.

It starts with an itch,
just out of reach,
then an ache that moves through your limbs and into your core.
A slight cramp in your stomach,
just a touch unsettling,
then a crack in your heart
like the dull ache of remembering.

You forget what you were before he arrived.
And because of this it doesn’t matter.
You are now him
and he you.
Creeping at night
and only at night.

© Jennifer Nichole Wells 2016

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Tourmaline .

Photographer of miniatures and writer on all things small.


  1. A very deep expression of how dark depression can be. At night when we are all alone and in our dreams is when he is the busiest. Isn’t he kind of a coward though when you think about it. I say show your face in the light and watch me battle you with eyes wide open to see who truly will prevail! Great Poetic expression:-)


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