CYW Final Wrap-Up



I cannot believe we’ve made it through all 120 colors. It has been 4 months. I thank each and every one of you who has joined in, whether with 1 color or all 120.

The challenge in no way ends here. Now that you have a bit of a breather (A to Z participants, I commend you for trying to keep up with both challenges), you can go back and find the blogs you’ve missed and see what others contributed over the past 120 days. Check the cyw, coloryourworld and color your world tags in your reader for an easier scroll through of posts.

Many of you have asked if the challenge will be back next year – and yes, it most definitely will be. If you plan to participate, make sure to fill out the survey and/or weigh in in a comment below on how the challenge should be formatted next year.

Thank you so much to all 177 for making the first year of Color your World such a success.

Check out the challenge home page here, for a list of colors, dates, etc.

Check out the One Word Photo Challenge! Maybe it’ll help hold you over until the next CYW :)


My April images – check out the first 3 wrap up posts here, here and here, and check out all the prompt posts here.

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  1. thank you somuch for this challenge…although I joined in late and could not post for every color…it was fun! I enjoyed evry ‘color’ of it every day!! thanks again!! :) best wishes!

  2. Thanks for running this challenge! It helped me with all aspects of my photography; learning lenses and settings, creativity, imagination, composition, lighting, etc. etc. Am looking for another daily challenge to keep me motivated.

  3. Jennifer, you had a marvelous turnout for your 120 days of Crayola. :D :D:D I never dreamed I would do all 120 of them. Really enjoyed this challenge more than I thought I would. Thanks for all the hard work you put in this challenge. Count me in for next yer.

    1. I know, I so appreciate it and couldn’t be more excited for the turn out and how it all worked out. i would have liked to have spent a tad bit more time with it, but will continue to revise for next year and visit participating blogs. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and that you participated in all 120 themes.

  4. I’ve loved taking part, albeit in a very ad hoc fashion (and never did quite manage to add myself to your list above officially). But what fun! I’ve been out and about with my daughter from new-born to nearly 6 months-old, snapping pictures to match the colours – a wonderful bit of creative ‘me-time’ for a new mum, and happy memories too. Thank you :)

  5. Thank you Jennifer, this was so much fun and I’m so pleased to see it will return in 2017. I’m going to have to try and check out the CYW posts from your huge list of participants! 😊

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