How I Compose a Photo

Here's a complete walk-through of how I composed this single photo, which may give you some insight into my process overall.

The Artist Statement

I got a question recently on how I've become comfortable opening myself up in artist statements. I don't fully open myself up.

Is 1/12 scale the best scale for toy photography?

Figuring out which scale will work best for your toy photography.

How do you pose an action figure for toy photography?

The best way to try to get a realistic body pose, is to pose for yourself in the mirror and match your action figure to it. From the way you hold your hands, to the bend of your knee. | This Blog in Summary

A bit of a blog summary for all my new visitors.

How do you do toy photography?

Having a basic knowledge of photography and your camera is essential. 

Creating Anyway

Free Association, MRI series, Tourmaline ., 2020 While 2020 has been an eye opener for me with health concerns, my off beat health is nothing new. Just in the past 6 or 7 years, from infected tonsils that led to me getting sick every time I ate or drank for more than a year, then... Continue Reading →

Getting your Toy Photography Noticed

An email I got on my blog contact form, and my response. I thought it might be useful info for someone else, so I thought I'd share. Names redacted. ___ " I'm also a toy photographer. I've been taking pics of toys for years but, I just started doing it professionally last year when I... Continue Reading →

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