Tourmaline .’s 2020 Countdown to Christmas

I’m hosting my first ever Christmas challenge this year!

Each day in December, up til Christmas, there will be a new prompt. Share a picture, write a poem, write a blog about your day, anything along the lines of the theme will do!

Post as often or as little as you’d like. Share your links with me on my daily post and I’ll keep a running list of all participants both here and on the daily posts, whether by blog, social media, however you contribute.

If you’re posting on instagram tag #tschristmascountdown, and tag me @tourmalinenow so that myself and others can find your post.

Hope you have a jolly good time!

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Tourmaline’s 2020 Halloween Challenge Recap

We did it!

31 days of Halloween!

I haven’t been consistently making photos this year. It’s been a weird year. Personally, October has been one of my hardest months this year health wise. I committed to this challenge though and did everything I could to keep it up even when I wasn’t feeling up to the task. Sometimes I posted photos I already had which gave me an out for the night, but most nights, with the intention to post to a specific instagram hashtag at 11pm, I began making a photo at 9pm, giving me time to rest up until that point. I set the goal to have an idea for that day’s photo in mind before my 9pm deadline, and it worked! Could I have made better photos with more prep and energy? Sure, but I did what I could with what my body allowed, and I got some images I’m actually pretty proud of.

Here are all the new images I made for this challenge this month, and a collage below of my favorites.

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