Your art and your approach to toy photography is affecting me a lot and I’m rethinking a lot of things. So far it’s heading towards keeping what I do and adding what I see in your art :) Which I think is a good thing and pretty interesting for me.

Jana Skálová

I am learning and discovering a lot of beautiful things thanks to you and your blog. Today I learned about Arthur Tress and his magnificent teapot opera.

I felt blessed to be in contact with you and your art, based on your approach to toy photography with impeccable form and content and overall profound and sensible subject matter. I am rethinking my whole approach, which used to be more focus on the quality of the images more than on the consistency in terms of subject matter. Thank you a lot.

Alexi Wiedmann

Unusual and Extraordinary. I’ve never seen any toy photos like this before.

Jakarta Little Hobbies

The miniature maestro

Exclu Collective

If you’re interested in the creative process, you will want to check out this blog by the super creative Tourmaline . She is an amazing resource for how-to videos, articles, books and movies that are sure to inspire  the toy photographer. Drop down her rabbit hole and see what you can discover about the creative process and how you can use toys to tell your own story.

Viewing the fine art photography of [Tourmaline .] is like falling down a rabbit hole into another dimension. The Jacksonville, Florida-based photographer constructs and photographs miniature dioramas of mysterious and whimsical worlds.

WordPress Discover

When I first saw [Tourmaline .]’s art, I was immediately captivated. I haven’t seen an artist evoke raw human emotions with tiny objects – things – like this ever before. Her work is endlessly beautiful and unique, and her ability to create new worlds in her miniature diorama photography is eerily inviting.

Natalia Lehaf, Things Created By People