Illuminance, 2021- 2022

A Progression of Gold

A constant draw to the color gold and a fascination with a 6-inch tall Phicen figure is where these images began.

I began during the photo challenge I host each year. A gold owl and cat collected from on sale Halloween decor, and moon lamps I already had led to images for the words ‘Moon’ and ‘Trick.’

That figure with gold animals was something that intrigued me, and those images were my favorites I created for that month’s daily posting.

So in December of 2021, 2 months after the original idea had sprung, I created more gold animal images, A deer for prosperity, an octopus for strength, and a figure dressed in white for purity and innocence.

I also departed from the gold animals to bring in a horse statue. This month I aimed fully to use gold effectively, but also ensure I had meaning to every aspect of this image.

A New Direction

The combination of the gold, figure, white, led to the largest thrift, flea market and 2nd hand store hunt I’ve ever been in – every gold-toned item, within a relatively small price range, I collected. I wanted to create an entire world for this figure to explore and find herself within. The world had to appear large and cluttered, a never-ending world of gold. I added a new lens in the mix (a blog post on that coming soon), and suddenly the world came to life. A finding of oneself amidst the chaos of your surroundings.

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