Going Up and Sitting On, Stairways

Post 2 in continuing to explore the repeating themes in my work. See the first post here. I swear I thought I had done this one even more so, but I think in part I had one more planned that never panned out. I'm sure I'll continue to return to stairs regardless. 2016 2018 Monochrome... Continue Reading →

7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started 3D Printing

Awhile back I got a 3D printer. A small m3d. It prints to about 4.5 x 4.5 inches at the largest, but was relatively inexpensive as far as 3d printers are concerned and came completely built - a must for me. I recently found myself listing off all the things I wish I had known... Continue Reading →

Scale Conversions

Wanting to make your own 1:12 dollhouse scale items? First you have to consider scale and make a template. In 1:12 scale, 1 inch in the real world is equivalent to 1 foot in the dollhouse world. The best way to begin is to pull out some dollhouse miniatures you already have and measure them... Continue Reading →

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