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Wanting to make your own 1:12 dollhouse scale items? First you have to consider scale and make a template. In 1:12 scale, 1 inch in the real world is equivalent to 1 foot in the dollhouse world. The best way to begin is to pull out some dollhouse miniatures you already have and measure them to replicate the dimensions. You can also measure a real object you’d like to replicate in miniature and calculate from there.

This MMM, I’m not going to walk through building any, I’ll save that for a future date, but…

However, here ere are some common household items and their miniature dimensions to get you started.

Household Object

1:12 Scale (Inches)

1:12 Scale (Millimeters)

Crib Mattress 2.3W x 6.25L x 0.46H 58 x 156 x 12
Twin Mattress 3.2W x 6.25L x 0.66H 80 x 156 x 17
Full/Double Mattress 4.4W x 6.25L x 1.25H 110 x 156 x 31
Queen Mattress 5W x 6.66L x 1.25H 125 x 167 x 31
King Mattress 6.3W x 6.66L x 1.25H 158 x 167 x 31
Dining Chair 3H x 1.25W 75 x 31
Dining Table 2W x 2.3H 50 x 58
Stool 2H 50
Coffee Table 1.16H 29
End Table 1.5H 38
Desk 2.4H 60
Floor Lamp 5H 125
Shelf 1D 25
Bathtub 5.5L x 1.6D x 1.6W 138 x 40 x 40
Kitchen Counter 3H x 2W 75 x 50
Sofa/Couch 6.3W x 2.5D x 1.3 (seat to floor) 158 x 63 x 33
Large Plate 0.83 21
Small Plate 0.58 15
Plate Rim 0.17 4
Bowl 0.75 19
Platter 1.25 31

Full scale measurements found here:


A bed I made after measuring how large it would need to be to fit a boxspring and mattress set I bought here:


A kit I purchased from an antique store – I’ve made the books, chair and desk so far. This brand is linked above.

So what do you think? Is there some other object you’d like added to the table above? Would it be helpful if I worked these out for other scales – such as HO, 1:24, etc.? Let me know in the comments below.

More on scale

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