Austin Anderson

Today I'm very excited to share some insight into the fabulous artist, Austin Anderson. I became familiar with his work, and got to know him online and then later had the opportunity to meet him in person! He creates beautiful images and tells very compelling stories along with them. Read his interview here, soak in... Continue Reading →

May the 4th Be With You

Happy Star Wars Day! Here's a selection of pretty much all the Star Wars images I've ever taken. I have porgs, Grogu and lots of droids that may make it in front of my camera some day.

White’s Guide to Collecting Figures, Number 19, July 1996

A collector's magazine, popular in the 90s. I picked it up at a used bookstore in Texas for $1.99. It has everything from prices for figures to a tutorial on how to customize your own action figures. If you know more the history of White's Guide to Collecting Figures, let me know. While I can... Continue Reading →

The Dolls of Welcome to Marwen

Some of you lovely people found my blog searching for what kind of figures were used in the movie Welcome to Marwen. But to yours, and my disappointment, I didn't have any info about that topic here at all. So, today I'm fixing that!

1:18 Scale Magic

And while there's so much more I can talk about in this scale, I'm here to talk about the magic of Lundy. I don't own any, but I've often admired it, and for some reason it just feels so genuine and pure. Lundy is a Swedish company, so just think Ikea, but tiny.

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