The Dolls of Welcome to Marwen

Some of you lovely people found my blog searching for what kind of figures were used in the movie Welcome to Marwen. But to yours, and my disappointment, I didn’t have any info about that topic here at all. So, today I’m fixing that!

The Mark Hogancamp in the fictional framework of Welcome to Marwen collects female Glaminista dolls and articulated, collectible military figures.

Glaminista is a fake brand created for the movie, however, there are very similar brands in real life.

If you’re looking to get your hands on an articulated 1:6 scale female doll, your cheapest and most similar to Glaminista option is a Made to Move Barbie. They’re easiest to find in their sports uniforms and yoga gear, but you can re-paint and redress them as Mark does to fit your needs. The real Mark Hogancamp uses Barbies and off brand fashion dolls for his photography.

Want something on more of a collectible level? Check out Integrity fashion dolls. Much more expensive, but quite beautiful and fully articulated.

As for soldiers, Monkey Kingdom has some super high quality, and by their nature, pricey 1:6 WWII military figures. For the same, also check out Modeller’s Loft and War Toys.

There’s even a figure when you search “Kurt SS.” In searching this, I learned that Kurt Meyer was a real, high ranking, SS official. Forgive my WWII knowledge or lack thereof.

If you’re looking for figures less than $100, GI Joe is a good bet, however their figures are much less detailed and their joints aren’t made for much movement.

Hope this bit of info helps. Good luck searching and collecting!

Know of even better options? Let me know in a comment below.

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