Toon Town Treasure Hunt, Jacksonville, FL

Have you ever wanted to dig through giant bins of Amazon returns in a warehouse in Downtown Jacksonville? Okay, maybe not, unless you’ve binged all the youtube videos of a similar concept. In any case, it’s a cool concept right? And maybe just maybe you’re curious. What if I told you it was only a 3 day event. Day 1, the items are $5 each, day 2 $3, day 3 $1?

I didn’t need any more info after that. I was sold. So yesterday, Sunday, day 2, my fiance, 2 friends and I went and treasure hunted.

I’ve passed the Toon Town building numerous times since living in this city. It’s hard to miss with it’s walls completely covered in colorful cartoon murals. I never really knew what it was used for however. Turns out it’s an arts and entertainment complex that can be rented in part for special events, studio space, etc. And this weekend it was obviously rented for an event.

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Cover Illustration Package: 100 Dreams and their Biblical Interpretations

A recent cover commission by the wonderful Jacob Makaya. I created both Swahili and English versions of this cover and believe the results are quite nice. Check out the links below to get your own copies or to learn more about my cover design.

100 Dreams and their Biblical Interpretations// Tfsari Zs Ndoto 50 Kibiblia Na Hatua Zuchukua by Jacob Makaya. Published 2017.


MMM – Pose Skeleton

I’m trying out a brand new feature on this site, where I discuss, review, give tips on, etc. miniatures. If there’s enough of a positive reaction I’ll keep it up. However if you feel like it’s just clutter and have no interest, be sure to let me know.

Most of these posts will discuss miniatures I am using at the moment in my photography, so you may even gather a bit of background info on my other posts.

Here goes.



*Rement’s Pose Skeleton

Rement, a Japanese toy company, that makes exquisitely detailed plastic miniatures, has had a line of ball jointed reptile, amphibian and dinosaur skeletons for quite some time. However, they’ve now come out with human skeletons and silly accessories for those skeletons. They’re called Pose Skeletons and they’re oh so exquisite.

At 1:18 scale, they hover around 4 inches (10 cm tall), with the dog at about 4 cm long.


At the moment, on Rement’s website, there’s a dog, child, 2 adults of varying heights, and 19 accessory sets, ranging from construction accessories to a toilet to a cast and crutch.

While Rement isn’t the easiest to come by in th USA, ebay and Amazon both have some Pose Skeleton accessory sets, and skeletons listed for $6 – 12 each.


In my research 1:18 scale clothing isn’t the easiest to find, nor can I believe it’s easy to make. However, remember Fashion Polly’s from the early 2000’s, more recently called Polly Pockets? While I don’t trust trying to squeeze a ball jointed doll skeleton in the little rubbery clothes, the fabric clothing for Polly Pockets fits these skeletons perfectly. If you have access, the small Bratz dolls, called lil bratz also have clothing that will fit Pose Skeleton perfectly.


Lundby is a 1:18 scale dollhouse brand out of Sweden. Their furniture is adorable. And if you get a doll or 2 from them, your pose skeleton can wear those clothes as well.


Lundby vintage furniture is available on etsy if you’d like a more 70s look.


Vintage TOMY dollhouse furniture is also a great option. Although, it can be pricey depending on where you find it. I have a few TOMY accessories and they are a tiny bit big for Pose Skeleton, but they’re fairy close.

Confrontation Headless

Other shops

It’s also worth checking out the list below for Pose Skeleton accessories.

  • Playmobile – the beds may be a bit short, but everything else should fit Skelly just fine
  • WoodNack – handmade 1:18 scale wooden furniture/houses
  • Melissa and Doug Wooden Dollhouse set – Melissa and Doug makes 2 dollhouse varieties, 1 is 1:12 scale and is more detailed/traditional looking – I have some pieces and they are great, however they’re a tad bit big for Skelly. Try the wooden dollhouse sets. The people made for this version are about 4 inches tall, which is just right for Pose Skeleton.
  • Dollshouse Emporium – Also check out the wooden children’s dollhouses/accessories here. These, along with the Melissa and Doug wooden accessories may be a bit short/ chunky, but are roughly the right size.




You would think Rement’s a good place to start.But while Pose Skeleton is 1:18 scale, most Rement accessories are 1:6 (barbie) scale, which is way bigger that Skelly.

If you’re determined anyway, or if you don’t mind Skelly having some large accessories. Find the item name/number on Rement’s website, then search ebay and Amazon for the item. No luck? Do a google shopping search. Just be careful. Know the website you’re buying from. If the price is crazy low, it’s probably too good to be true.

A good resource for online Rement shops:

Other options for tiny accessories are fashion polly/polly pocket, lil bratz, Playmobile (pretty much any brand listed above). Have a more active Skelly? Browse ebay for Tech Deck skareboards, bikes and tools.

My Favorite Pose Skeleton Photos from Others

Do you have a Pose Skeleton? What accessories have you found/ do you use with it? Any other suggestions for 1:18 scale accessories? Have any suggestions for future My Mini Monday’s? Leave a comment below. :)

Cover Illustration Package: Project Management 101

Project Management 101: 101 Tips for Success in Project Management by Lew Sauder (cover illustration by me). Published July 10th, 2014.


Cover Illustration Package: Torn Lace

Torn Lace by Jack Bruns (cover illustration by me). Published March 30, 2014.

Torn Lace ebook Cover
Torn Lace ebook Cover

Cover Illustration Package: Consulting 101 2nd Edition

Consulting 101 2nd Edition by Lew Sauder (cover illustration by yours truly) was just published on February 14th! To learn more about the book click the link below.

Cover Illustration Package: The Reluctant Mentor

Cover Illustration Package: Working Would be Great if it Weren’t for Managers