Toon Town Treasure Hunt, Jacksonville, FL

Have you ever wanted to dig through giant bins of Amazon returns in a warehouse in Downtown Jacksonville? Okay, maybe not, unless you’ve binged all the youtube videos of a similar concept. In any case, it’s a cool concept right? And maybe just maybe you’re curious. What if I told you it was only a 3 day event. Day 1, the items are $5 each, day 2 $3, day 3 $1?

I didn’t need any more info after that. I was sold. So yesterday, Sunday, day 2, my fiance, 2 friends and I went and treasure hunted.

I’ve passed the Toon Town building numerous times since living in this city. It’s hard to miss with it’s walls completely covered in colorful cartoon murals. I never really knew what it was used for however. Turns out it’s an arts and entertainment complex that can be rented in part for special events, studio space, etc. And this weekend it was obviously rented for an event.

Yesterday the Treasure Hunt was open from 10 AM – 4 PM. Welcome to Rockville was also going on this past weekend, so all the available parking were pay lots. The ones closest were $20 per car, but out a bit further we found a couple $10 lots. After a 6 minute walk, we arrived at Toon Town a couple minutes after 10 and waited in line. Only a certain number of people are allowed in at a time. 20 minutes later we made it in and were handed a few Toon Town branded bags to carry our finds in. Then the hunt began. The room is filled with 6’x6′ cardboard boxes on palettes, all stuffed with a huge array of items. After a full day this included lots of empty packages, but also an absurd amount of tablet and phone cases and fake flowers.

While we heard day 1 was tons better, day 2 did not disappoint. I’ll give you the break down below, but I think I made out pretty well.

So here’s what I got. The affiliate links under the item column takes you to the exact items I purchased.

Quantity Item Why on earth did I want it? What I paid Retail value
17 Fit Bit Alta replacement bands Both my friend and I have Altas. We don’t really use them anymore but this seemed too good to pass up. $3 $85 ($5 each)
25 Small empty deodorant containers Crafting/youtube. My mom and I already have plans for some of these. $3 $22.57
1000 Vegetarian pill capsules Crafting/youtube – resin stuff, miniatures. These are actually some of the exact items I’d added to my Amazon cart before and never purchased. $3 $19.99
1 Notebook It’s dotted instead of lined, which is my favorite and I love notebooks in general. $3 $19.99
1 1.75mm filament This will work with my 3D printer $3 $16.99
10 20W halogen bulbs I was hoping these would work with my table top studio lights. Turns out they won’t but maybe I’ll find another use for them. $3 $10.95
25 Biodegradable dinnerware This is very similar to what I’m considering for my wedding dinnerware. Seemed like a good opportunity to test it out. $3 $16.95
50 Lanyards and plastic ID sleeves A strange gift for a friend. $3 $26.99
Add in parking for total cost. $10
$185.43 in savings. $34 $219.43

Learn more about the Toon Town complex here.

Or visit the Treasure Hunt for yourself today, it’s final day, Monday the 6th from 5 – 8 PM at 1749 East Duval St., Jacksonville, Florida. Everything will be just $1 each!

Let me know if you end up going!

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