The Artist Statement

I got a question recently on how I've become comfortable opening myself up in artist statements. I don't fully open myself up.


A series from 2015, a year I was clearly very bad about posting my new images. A figure made of wire and polymer clay goes about their daily life, doing the same over and over. Routine: WatchRoutine: ShowerRoutine: Wake-upRoutine: WorkRoutine: ShopRoutine: PeeRoutine: Eat

Creating for Myself

I'm a broken record are this point but, I lost myself somewhere. Wrapped up in the people and pieces around me, trying to carve a way into the ever changing art world. The latter requires more marketing and self hype than creative vision. And I'm so bad at fulfilling those requirements. I've almost always made... Continue Reading →

Fake It Til You Make It

A lesson from Edward Weston Each morning Weston journaled. He spoke of the work he made in these journals. In 1923 he burned the majority of the journal he had kept, disgusted by its contents. He later began writing again. He stopped journaling after becoming recognized as an artist. In those years before he received... Continue Reading →

Defining My Artistic Style

I've been working in the realm of toy photography since 2008, so it's only natural, that by now I will have developed somewhat of a style. I go through periods of creation. Some periods fog would be my marker, others monochrome. But what is definitive overall? Here is a selection of work over the years.... Continue Reading →

Austin Anderson

Today I'm very excited to share some insight into the fabulous artist, Austin Anderson. I became familiar with his work, and got to know him online and then later had the opportunity to meet him in person! He creates beautiful images and tells very compelling stories along with them. Read his interview here, soak in... Continue Reading →

Dream State

A look inside my mind. I've been so fatigued as part of this MS attack I'm currently living through, that I feel I'm wading through a constant state of semi unconscious. I'll have a thought, an idea and it will be so fleeting it's immediately gone, never to be recovered. I go about my daily... Continue Reading →

The Year of Re-Finding my Artistic Voice

I've pulled away from something. I made sure to create a photo with a certain color for my blog challenges and would post it no matter how little I liked the image, in order to have something new to post. I purposely stopped doing that, but in an effort to keep up with the instagram... Continue Reading →

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