Dream State

A look inside my mind. I’ve been so fatigued as part of this MS attack I’m currently living through, that I feel I’m wading through a constant state of semi unconscious. I’ll have a thought, an idea and it will be so fleeting it’s immediately gone, never to be recovered. I go about my daily tasks fine, but new ideas fade away. So here’s a 3 image series inspired by this state of being. I have a 4th image in mind, but it doesn’t feel quite right for what I’m aiming to represent, so we’ll see if this is the end of these images or not.

Behind the scenes – handmade polymer clay figures, cut out circles for clouds, melted cellophane waterfall, cellophane and poster board backdrop, iridescent plastic risers, beads

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  1. These images have a sense of fleeting thoughts, I feel the last one illustrates the loss and trying to maintain a hold onto those flashing ideas.

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