Tiny Products

Miniature versions of everyday grocery packaging are all the rage!

I’m a product photographer by day, and a miniature diorama photographer on nights and weekends. I largely photograph grocery store packaging. So when I see tiny versions of the products I handle all day, I’m so hooked. I’m not the only one though it appears.

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The Ultimate International List of Miniature Exhibits & Museums (100+ Locations)

All the mini worlds in our great big world, right here for your planning pleasure.

Looking for a place in the U.S.? Check out my previous list here.

Looking for somewhere outside of the U.S.? You’ve come to the right place! Check out the below list for mini displays near you. Don’t see one that should be here? Let me know in a comment below.

Click on the site name to be taken to more information.


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The Ultimate List of Miniature Exhibits & Museums (50+ U.S. Locations)

Welcome! I hope you’ll find this list of mini wonders useful. Each museum and permanent miniature display is listed by state. If you don’t see your state listed, it’s because I was unable to find information on any miniature display locations in your area. Know of one? Let me know!

Clicking the name of the site will take you to the official webpage.


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Toy Photo Awards

Hi everyone,

I’ve had the great honor of having one of my photos selected for the 3rd Collection of Best Toy Photography Toy Photo Awards. Check out this awesome collection here: http://toyphotoawards.com/best-photography-gallery/3 and if you work in toy photography be sure to check out submitting your own images to collection 4.



IMG_1684 bw

[For Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Take a New Photo]IMG_1684

You all may remember this image from when I visited my grandmother back in August (see post here).

Now look closely. 2nd row from the bottom (5th row down), 6th box over from the right. There he is, the tiny elephant you see in the images above. To my utter delight, my grandma recently gave me her miniature collection. I hope to one day have photos of each item. For now I have the armadillo in my OWPC post, and the elephant here.