WordPress Photo Challenges

The height and decline of photo challenges on WordPress, and finding and listing the ones that are still active.

Instagram wasn’t the problem

I wrote a blog post and multiple instagram posts about taking time away from instagram and I've realized what the problem actually is. So here's the thing, I fully cornered myself into the toy photography community. And while there are others within it that I love and appreciate so much, parts of the community have... Continue Reading →

Own What You Do

You will have fears I recently saw a post on Instagram where someone was explaining that they've been making toy photographs. They said something along the lines of "yeah I thought it was a weird hobby too at first." 1. No they didn't. No one looks at something in a negative sense then immediately picks... Continue Reading →

What I Learned at My First WordCamp

June 29 & 30 I attended my first ever WordCamp. #wcjax

My PhotoJax 2014 in Review

I had a great PhotoJax weekend! Local Exposure was super packed with so many people and I had quite a lot of friends come out and support. CoRK was great as always- it's constantly changing and it's always interesting to see the new artists and their studios. Here are a few pictures from the weekend:... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime


My PhotoJax 2013 in Review

To see more images of the festivities: Jacksonville.com 904 Happy Hour Most Wanted Photography Instagram tags: PhotoJax500 CoRK PhotoJax Somewhere in the City I hear tale of a couple articles coming out about this weekend's turn out soon. Stay tuned.

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