Instagram wasn’t the problem

I wrote a blog post and multiple instagram posts about taking time away from instagram and I’ve realized what the problem actually is.

So here’s the thing, I fully cornered myself into the toy photography community. And while there are others within it that I love and appreciate so much, parts of the community have not been good for me.

I was invited in 2016/17 to share my history of toy photography post on the toy photographers blog. This was just after I had had some work in Exclu’s 3rd issue.

I was excited to discover a magazine calling for toy photography. I’d never seen anything like that before. After that and the toy photographers blog reaching out to me, I truly felt like I’d found my people. Before this point I had no idea other people were making photos with toys.

The toy photographers blog asked if I’d write monthly posts for them and I excitedly agreed. I made it clear that that was absolutely the most I could commit to. Then I got asked to write weekly posts instead. I was dealing with my first MS attack at this time (undiagnosed) and dealing with a lot of work stress but I wanted to help them out and fully be a part of the community. So I agreed.

I then did the layout and cover for their book that year which was a ton of work and fully decided at this point that I needed to stop writing for their blog. I did not burn any bridges, just said I needed to step away.

Someone wrote a book using my posts and other’s posts with no credit given.

Since I stepped away from the blog I’ve seen posts I’ve written here pilfered for posts there with no credit given, instead of just reaching back out to me. I would have definitely obliged if asked. Of course, now I would not.

I was also asked to send my documents for the book over so they could use them for the next book. I did send what I had.

I participated in the online meet up they recently had. I met some people I hadn’t known previously. Most were great, but one was then, and has been recently, super condescending. It’s an energy that just brought me back to my issues with this space.

I’m striving for something that’s more than a hobby for me. And I need to be in the larger art sphere for that.

I have no idea what to do about any of the blog pilfering etc. I’ll just have to aim to keep having a voice that matters and hope I can reach who I need to all the same.

I know this seems like a take down piece. But in large part it’s not. If you’re part of the toy photography community and you participate in the toy photographers blog and you enjoy being a part of it that’s so good. Please keep being a part and keep enjoying what you do.

More, this is a post about disappointment in the community I was excited for bulldozing over me. And an ask that they don’t do that to anyone else excited to find their people.

For my standard readers, thank you. This will be the last I say on this. On to things you may find more useful, informative or entertaining.


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