The barn went swirling up…

“The barn went swirling up in little red pieces against the sky and the stars moved backward.” An image inspired by William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying. Read my full post over on Toy Photographers on this series here. 3d printed barn, cellophane, incense, war gaming grass mat, model scenery trees, scrapbook paper

Special Effects in Miniature & Toy Photography

  Today, I'm going to discuss miniature photography special effects. The effects below are ones done in front of the camera lens, not in post processing. I may do a follow up post with more effects and/or info on post processing options, so if you'd like to see anything in that regard, leave a comment... Continue Reading →


Today's Daily Prompt is perfect for me! Miniature. Which means this rare (Weekly Photo Challenge) moment was designed for me (Discover Challenge). Learn more about miniatures by following along with my 'My Mini Monday' series here. And check out these specific posts of note: Why Miniatures? Photographing Miniatures Miniature Resources Miniature Scales If there's anything specifically you'd... Continue Reading →


"Some men just want to watch the world burn." Another for the Pic and a Word Challenge. The underbrush sustained them as they make their way through. Quickly. Cleanly. But not so quietly. Growing deeper, longer, as they suck in the life below. Stretching out as high as they can and grasping, sucking away the... Continue Reading →


"We should burn it down." For the Pic and a Word Challenge.

Photo 101: Home & Getting Oriented

This month, I'll be participating in WordPress' Blogging U Course - Photo 101, as often as I'm able. Today is day 1, and the theme is 'Home.' Missed the sign up? Click the 'Photo 101' link above to view the list of topics. The warmth of a bonfire is always welcoming.

No Escape

[Linking to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy, Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Burgundy or Maroon & my own topic generator: Unsightly Consequence]

The Day the Barn Burnt Down

I built this barn and then I burnt it down. It was about 3" x 4." The 1st image is a gif, it should run pretty quickly. If not, it's the internet connection, bear with it. Want to watch again or it's stuck on a still image? Just click it. And now some stills... Posting... Continue Reading →

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