You Are Full of Galaxies

Galaxies surround and envelop, bursting from you.

Sophie & Toffee Galaxy JellyWhip Copycat Recipe

That string of words may not make any sense to you, but hopefully the video does! Simply stated - it's a bit of a combination between icing piping and household silicone. Also, I've created a new Instagram account to highlight my craft adventures -

Zodiac Resin Craft (The November Elves Box)

A new video is here! Today I try my hand at the Sophie & Toffee November Elves box. I have very little experience with resin, so working with it in a kit for this was super fun. Watch below and let me know what you think.

Behind the Scenes of “Stranger”

This one was pretty simple. Just a small cardboard box (about 3 inches x 5 inches) painted on the inside with a light grey acrylic hobby paint. I left one flap open in the back to shine light through. The man is an ho scale figure painted the same color as the inside of the... Continue Reading →

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