Revisiting the Deep Dream Generator

I last blogged about Google's Deep Dream in 2015. So the ai has had 5 years to learn. With the recent ai blog experiment, it seemed like it was time to take a look back. And the Deep Dream Generator does have a lot more options now. I started with this image: And generated these... Continue Reading →


Google so thankfully informed me this morning that it's the 90th anniversary of the first demonstration of television. So, I'm celebrating by posting some of my mini tv images here. Thanks for checking them out and thus celebrating with me. Are you thankful for the invention of television?

Google’s Deep Dream

Have you guys heard about Google's A.I. and its dreams? The images have been spreading about the web for awhile now, but when I heard that there's an online app where you can try it for yourself, well, I had to check it out. Basically (Business Insider): "Google's image recognition programs are usually trained to look... Continue Reading →

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