For Judy Dykstra-Brown's Finding Heart!: Have a Heart Challenge. The hearts I've compiled so far. I used to notice hearts everywhere and would try to take a picture of each one. But, I believe those images are on a computer long gone. If I ever come across them, I'll be sure to share. Because it's vaguely related... Continue Reading →

Paths Uncharted

The mysteries in life give me hope there's more to it. More ways to connect. More emotions to feel. More beauty to see. But with the good comes the bad, fear, hurt, loss of self. And yet, all those things are already here getting stronger by day. So persist they may and I will stay... Continue Reading →


I recently created the mini series "Underwater." This series spins off of a piece from "The Conception and Sensation of Time"- Don't Drift Away. I created 2 more pieces to go with this piece- Fish and Coral. The coral is the stronghold- a living being who knows its place in the world and holds onto it. The fish is... Continue Reading →

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