For Judy Dykstra-Brown’s Finding Heart!: Have a Heart Challenge.

The hearts I’ve compiled so far. I used to notice hearts everywhere and would try to take a picture of each one. But, I believe those images are on a computer long gone. If I ever come across them, I’ll be sure to share.

Because it’s vaguely related – check out the first issue of my magazine fēlan love. If you enjoy poetry, visual art, love, zines, etc. it will be right up your alley. We are currently accepting submissions to issue 3 – joy.


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  1. What a wonderful collection of hearts…I can’t get them to enlarge, Jennifer. Should I be able to? Want to see the far right one on the second line. Are the M&M’s???? I don’t think so but dying to know what they are…Also the art heart with the paint running down. Love it. Can you tell me how it was done and what it is made from? Happy New Year. Thanks for contributing some heart! Judy

    1. They should. I’ve set them up as a gallery. When you click on one it should open in WP carousel view. I have them in random order so they change every time the page opens…but I think the one you’re talking about is soda cans :) I saw it at an art conference in Miami Beach. It was huge and attached to a concrete wall.

  2. This collection of harts is so varied – enjoyed them while driving home (well I am not driving -as a passenger) and a couple were like search and find -‘the ending tree and burlap heart was a fav – ❤️❤️

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