Instagram in the Era of the Shadow Ban

Raise your hand if you're on instagram. Have you heard the rumors about the ominous shadow ban? If not, while instagram has simply only admitted there's a hashtag glitch, it seems that they are purposefully hiding content from showing up in certain tags. This appears to be an effort to stop spamming and increase ad... Continue Reading →

Simple Weathering with Enamel Paints

**Please note, the weathering effect discussed in this post should be used with metal and hard plastic models only. Enamel paint can dissolve soft plastics. However, for softer plastic, apply the effects below, but use acrylic/ water based paint instead. A great resource for acrylic techniques is this site - There are many techniques when... Continue Reading →

How to Dye your own Mini Easter Eggs

Squintbox recently shared this enchanting video: And in the comments are tons of questions on how/where to get the supplies to do this yourself. In the March Squintbox selection there were 3 tiny eggs. I then imagine, squintbox dyed those eggs in this video with real egg dye. So here's just how to do that... Continue Reading →

1:18 Scale

Some of you may remember my first ever MMM post all about Pose Skeletons. Well this is sort of a follow-up to that post. Pose skeleton is a 1:18 scale ball jointed miniature skeleton. Currently, you can get  adult models, a child, a cat and a dog. In my initial post, I discussed places to... Continue Reading →

Where can I post toy photos?

Toy Photography Communities - finding online spaces to share your work and exchange ideas. Do you create photographs of toys and miniatures? If so, this guide is for you. *Note that outside of the Toy Photographers Google + community, none of these online spaces are set up for constructive criticism. If that is what you're... Continue Reading →

Working Vintage Toy Ovens

My third (technically 4th) in the series of mini cooking and today I'll be talking about vintage toy stoves for kids. Definitely not safe for operation by children, but that's why you can totally use them for real mini cooking today. These are a bit larger than the current mini cooking fad, but because of... Continue Reading →

Alternative Mini Cooking Options

So you've been following along with all the mini cooking hysteria, but you'd prefer something that involves a little less, (and planning)? Well you got it. This post is for you! (don't know what I'm talking about as far as mini cooking goes? - go here first) See also:  Working Vintage Toy Ovens The Edible... Continue Reading →

How to Make Realistic Images of Toys and Miniatures

Whether with toys, model railroad sets, war gaming miniatures, you name it, if you want realistic-looking image of miniature environments, this guide is for you.

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