Making Miniature Pottery

I never know if it's simply the miniature spaces I frequent, or a worldwide phenomenon, but I've been seeing miniature pottery pop up everywhere. Maybe not as popular as miniature cooking, but a close second. And I might just like watching miniature pottery throwing videos more than mini cooking videos. But that's just me. In... Continue Reading →

Creative Outlets

I originally published this list on June 2017. Almost 2 years later I've revisited it to try to learn from my own advice. The first 2 weeks of April I was traveling with work. The end of that first week through the beginning of the next I had the flu. A week after returning,... Continue Reading →

1:12 Scale Dollhouse Clothing

I've been photographing my 5 inch tall Body Chan doll for some time. Her smooth, bare, plastic body was precisely what I wanted for the photos I envisioned with her. Her grey plastic nudity seemed to offend some poeple however and I got numerous messages about dressing her. I did not buy her any clothing.... Continue Reading →

Minecraft Jellycube Slime

If you're a Minecraft or slime fan, this is for you! If you don't like either of those things, you might still liek the video ;)  

Behind the Scenes of Worry Dolls

Next month I'll share more of these images. For now, I'd like to outline the process of creating them. TL;DR version: I used Lumi Inkodye and a halogen work light to print portraits of Worry Dolls on watercolor paper. Then I hand colored them. Skip to: Taking the Photographs - Printing the Digital Negatives - Prepping the... Continue Reading →

7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started 3D Printing

Awhile back I got a 3D printer. A small m3d. It prints to about 4.5 x 4.5 inches at the largest, but was relatively inexpensive as far as 3d printers are concerned and came completely built - a must for me. I recently found myself listing off all the things I wish I had known... Continue Reading →

Creating a Collaborative Art Zine

A how to guide and cautionary tale... As many of you know, back in June of 2015 I created fēlan. I had been absorbing modern day zine culture for some time. Collecting, submitting to, following along with We Make Zines and Zines A Go Go, etc. I decided I wanted to make my own as a... Continue Reading →

Special Effects in Miniature & Toy Photography

  Today, I'm going to discuss miniature photography special effects. The effects below are ones done in front of the camera lens, not in post processing. I may do a follow up post with more effects and/or info on post processing options, so if you'd like to see anything in that regard, leave a comment... Continue Reading →

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