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You're now able to license some of my images on Shutterstock! More images are being added regularly. Let me know if there's something you think I should add. Find me here. Start selling your own images on Shutterstock by clicking here.

Le Petit Prince in Toy Photographs

I recently attended the first ever virtual Toy Photographer's Meet up. 3 days of presenters, discussions and activities with other photographers from all over the world, who use toys for their narratives. For one project, teams worked on images collaboratively for an assigned theme. I was teamed up with Teddi Deppner (@teddi_toyworld) and Matthew Wyjad... Continue Reading →

Cover Illustration Package: 100 Dreams and their Biblical Interpretations

A recent cover commission by the wonderful Jacob Makaya. I created both Swahili and English versions of this cover and believe the results are quite nice. Check out the links below to get your own copies or to learn more about my cover design. 100 Dreams and their Biblical Interpretations// Tfsari Zs Ndoto 50 Kibiblia... Continue Reading →

Life of Toy Photographers, 2017

There's a brand new book that I'm happy to announce! - Life of Toy Photographers, 2017 It's a look back at the artists of over the last year. I was part of the team that brought it to fruition, designing the print version of the cover and interior layout. You can also find a spread... Continue Reading →

National Online Learning Day

There are so many "holidays" every day - this is my attempt at a daily photo response. Check out for future post topics. Join in by tagging #todayis or simply leave a link to your contribution below. I’d love to see what you come up with for all these crazy holidays. Contribution links will be... Continue Reading →


Another image from a collaborative project I worked on recently, illustrating a screenplay. See the first image I shared from this project here. Polymer clay snails, photographed outdoors in natural light. Communing in the grass. [Posting to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning, and past Discover Challenges: Connection and Shared Journeys]

Backwater Lullaby

An illustration for the story Backwater Lullaby by searchandrescuewoods. Posting to yesterday's Daily Prompt: Childhood, a Pic and a Word Challenge: Grace, and the Discover Challenge: Numbers.

In the Depths – Part 2

Images inspired by the stories Confessions of a Deep Sea Diver by reddit user PizzND. To read the stories for yourself: Confessions of a Deep Sea Diver Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 "We all know the dangers, we've all seen the Keepers of the Deep. But nobody actually expects to die." Click here to view the... Continue Reading →

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