Plature, 3-D Shrink Plastic

Building furniture out of shrinky dinks. Is it possible?  

Sophie & Toffee December Elves Box – Unicorn Resin Craft

My second Sophie & Toffee Elves box, and my second time playing with resin...not my favorite kit, watch and find out why. Also, I now have a channel trailer! If you haven't subscribed yet, go do it!!


I like silicone crafts and this was no exception. 5 colors of glittery and metallic silicone, 2 sets of molds and a variety of other templates, and for me this kit was a win.

Alternative Mini Cooking Options

So you've been following along with all the mini cooking hysteria, but you'd prefer something that involves a little less, (and planning)? Well you got it. This post is for you! (don't know what I'm talking about as far as mini cooking goes? - go here first) See also:  Working Vintage Toy Ovens The Edible... Continue Reading →

A Dollhouse Room Box Kit – Unboxing & Building

I recently purchased this room box kit from Amazon for $22.95. There's little description, but the set is 1:24 scale (1/2 scale) and comes with all the accessories pictured. It arrived at my door on Halloween. I've never purchased a full dollhouse room box kit before, although I have had furniture kits. So, let's go... Continue Reading →

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